Saturday, 2 May 2020

Death in the Drakwald - the village of Dunkelhof

"If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise..."

And that surprise would be a giant Nurgling, it would seem! After a few weeks of work, my Warmaster Drakwald project is coming together. The village of Dunkelhof, as I have dubbed it, is growing in all its German Expressionist glory. I'm quite pleased how faithful the buildings are to my original concept sketches. Below are shots of the final terrain pieces.

So, what's next? As further inspiration I've been reading about German folklore and mythology and especially about the great Hercynian Forest which is a key part of the cultural underpinnings of the German people. I've also been rewatching Lang's Die Nibelungen and tying my hair in plaits. Very soon I'm going to have a kind of name sign to add to the collection. It's a bit hard to describe (I am not sure if the object has a descriptive name) - but if you look at Altdorfer's Battle of Alexander at Issus painting you can see one right there in the sky. Thereafter I'd like to do at least one more building, perhaps another stand of trees and then I'll be adding some more miniatures (likely High Elves).

However, I'm currently finishing off a batch of Epic models which I'll show very soon, and then I have a very grim-dark 28mm project to tell you about.

Stay safe everyone and avoid the Nurglings...