Thursday, 17 October 2019

Oldhammer warband (finally) complete!

As the title suggests, I've finally finished my Oldhammer warband. Lovely family photo of the little blighters below.

They have already had a couple of successful outings using the Warcry rules. I also want to do a few Krawl photo shoots with them on my vintage floorplans.

I'm pleased with the way the 'trademark' grey-green ties them together, while allowing each to feel like an individual. I think some of my own armies have suffered a bit from having too-harmonious colour schemes which just ends up as a bit of a sea of monotony.

I'm nearly finished with my next cassette gaming aid box so hope to post that very soon.

Photos of the individual critters below...


  1. Yes, Sweet warband! That sorcerer is great, and love the skeleton coming out of the ground. That wolf tho is still my fave.

  2. Very nice Oldhammer feel to these guys. Good use of the epic Mortarion!

  3. What a great mix of figures. Great result here, congrats!

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