Monday, 30 September 2019

Oldhammer resurrection

After I callously abandoned my idea for an Oldhammer Mordheim gang I've had to endure the guilt of looking at a bunch of forlorn miniatures in my Box of Shame. So I decided to chuck them into the fray that surrounds the Allpoints. I've been proxying them as Legions of Nagash in Warcry.

Here's the crew so far...

And at the foot of this post are the studio shots of them. I've got more to finish with the next being the Epic version of Mortarion. Here he is, almost done, on my painting table.

My longtime opponent Mr T and I had a game of Warcry a week or so ago and it was the most fun I've had for a while. The system is slick, satisfying and both players are constantly engaged at all times (no waiting around to watch someone decimate your army). I highly recommend it and it's motivated me to paint even more.

I'm also making another tape-case gaming box for their accessories. A friend has kindly 3D printed a couple more inserts for me which I need to clean up.

 Expect more on this in the near future.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Speed-painted Avatar of Khaine

I set myself the challenge of painting this fellow in a weekend, and pretty much succeeded.

The challenge to myself was part of my drive to achieve a better balance of effort-to-reward, hopefully resulting in painting more, faster. Citadel's new Contrast Paints are a godsend for this, allowing me to block in forms very quickly and needing only minimal touch-up and highlighting when done.

This fellow is actually a bit more impressive in the flesh, when you are instantly stuck by his huge mane of green hair, which vibrates against the red of his body. I also like his Kubuki-like face. Plus his gory hand with its string of blood achieved by gluing a bit of clear nylon to his finger before applying the gore.

Painting more, faster will let me finish projects quicker and so avoid the doldrums of wallowing in a box of half-painted minis. I literally have such a box, which I dub the Box of Shame. It's currently getting emptied as a satisfying rate.