Friday, 24 May 2019

Slightly larger Epic conflict

I have been kindly invited by the infamous Lead Plague to join his titanomachy game this summer. The concept is simple; everyone rocks up with a vintage Oldhammer Warlord titan and may the best Princeps win! I would have loved to paint something special for this event, but that would have been rude given I have two Warlords I finished about a decade ago which have never seen battle. So I'll probably just bring the red guy.

I finished these so long ago that I don't remember too many of the details about how I made them. The Adeptus Titanicus box cover was clearly a massive inspiration. I added some 'super detailing' with tiny components to reinforce their scale (like the lasers on the carpaces). The slightly hard-sci-fi decals help them feel massive too. They are very 90s-John-Blanche with their stippling or heavy gloss varnish and dense heraldry. The banners were custom pieces which, I think, I drew and then reduced in size after scanning them in. I referenced this 'Eavy Metal a lot:

For their bases I used a technique John mentioned in his accompanying text. I think he talked about using real clods of earth flooded with super glue which effectively 'baked' the mud. Hence these guys have bits of mud and lichen on their bases which, in retrospect, actually works quite well.

I'm so glad one of these guys is going to be getting some air-time. Someone pointed out they're loadouts are a bit paltry, so I'm taking bets on how long he'll survive.


  1. Well, regardless of how long it lasts, at least it'll look great doing it!

    Not sure how the ones I built (and then subsequently lost) would hold up today, power-wise. The Plasma Cannons were always my fave bits from the original Warlord Model, and I had a tendency to stick as many of them on as I could manage.

  2. Hey Tammy, you could add on a couple of magnetic detachable missiles to one of them if you want to make it more formidable. Nothing says don't mess with me like 2 vortex missiles.

    Lovely Titans, you certainly have gotten them to look like they were used to playtest the original game. I am certainly in the mood to paint a whole Gargant after seeing these Warlords.

  3. Great models and very well painted. Bravo (^_^)

  4. These are a lot of fun. You've really catpured the vibe of the early Adeptus Titanicus, before it changes and mutates into the SM2/TL era with its clean stripes and gaudy heraldry. Love to see these in games, duking it out with the other mighty metal warlords going down in sheets of flame.