Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Tiny Epic conflict

Clearly I don't have enough creative projects on the go at the moment, so I'm embarking on another involving Citadel's amazing old 6mm Epic miniatures. Here is the first little guy:

I've generally become more interested in micro-scale modelling - going smaller rather than larger feels really exciting. There's something about the scale which enables a scope which is really attractive. My interest has led me to look at some of the cool work that's going on in the 6mm hobby community and finding folk who are doing micro-40k really well.

This Marine is going to be the first of a few, with a slight Oldhammer vibe as indicated by the art that inspired him - Jim Burns' amazing Space Crusade cover. The collection won't be a facsimile of the Space Crusade box contents, but a cohort of randoms inspired by the breadth of the minis that the game delivered.

Next up is a naughty Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer for him to fight:

I'm quite pleased with the bases so far. They're washers whose internal aperture is just about big enough to house the original moulded base (with a bit of trimming). They give weight to the minis, stop them tipping over and can enable the mini to be safely held in place for transport with low-strength flexible magnetic sheeting. If you're in the UK you can buy the washers from B&Q as part of a 'pick and mix' deal for a very reasonable £2 for all the washers you can eat.

With smaller minis, basing textures which are quite light or quite dark work well, as they give visual contrast. Here I opted for darks, which enables the predominantly lighter minis to pop.

I'll post the Soceror when he's done.


  1. That's very cool. Looking forward to more of these tiny guys!

  2. Very very impressive. I like the smaller scale stuff too and it can give some very pleasing sense of the scale and enormity of the 40K world when done well.

  3. Those are very impressive! I liked messing around with them, but my eyesight and hand steadiness aren't up to doing stuff on this scale any more. And even when I was doing them, I never got any results that impressive. Are those transfers or freehand on the shoulder pads? Incredible work either way!

    1. Thanks WR - yes, they do require a steady hand but also you shouldn't get too hung up on all the tiny details. The icons are freehand, and are actually a bit messsy up close. But the overall impression from afar is OK.

  4. Fun thing, Curis, Sho3box and I were talking about captain Elvis (Vegas era) yesterday when this popped up ! It's a fantastic idea and execution Tammy ^^
    I'm deep into my epic phase right now so I fully sympathise.

  5. Oh my, those are tiny -- and very impressive! Love the Space Crusade shout out!

    Also, I dare you to build a cockpit and pilot for one of the Adeptus Mechanicus Questoris Knights (mostly because I had such a blast myself doing the exact same thing, and seeing how you say you are into micro scale-modeling).