Monday, 1 April 2019

(Slow) progress to Mordheim MMXIX

Apolgies for not blogging about Mordheim MMXIX for a while - life has been rather busy. But fear not! Work continues... if not 'a pace' then certainly at some kind of reassuringly glacial rate.

I've finished six of the ten ugly chaps and their glorious beauty shots are below. It's now on to the last four, and they are taking a while due to their more complex camo schemes. Two have WWI German helmet camo on their head-devices (I hesitate to call them 'helmets'). Getting this to look half decent proved to be a mission and I'm going to stop at two. One has German flektarn camo on his cloak. And the final chap, who is my leader, well... I'm not really sure what he's going to get. But it'll probably be German given the way things are going.

I'm also nearly finished work on the game aids I mentioned a while back. Their format and delivery mechanism is something I'm really proud of. However, I can't complete it until I finish painting the minis because I need photos to complete the cards. So you'll have to wait a bit to see it.

From my other recent blog posts you'll also see I've got a couple of other projects on the go. These guys are really scratching my Blanchitsu-itch and I'm enjoying the diversity of everything combined. So I'd urge anyone who is experiencing 'hobby fatigue' to try a different project or collection to get them back in The Zone.


  1. "Mr. Team USA" there cracked me up. Very cool looking stuff, and you're so right about trying a different project. I've found so many time that when it comes to Modeling and Painting, a change really is as good as a rest.

  2. Great work, love the camo--can't wait to see them finished too.

  3. Love the nod to Hardware ("This is what you want, this is what you get...")! The bits of blue and red work well against the camo. Great work!