Friday, 1 February 2019

So, what have you been doing then?

Thanks for asking. Quite a lot, it transpires. Here's a bit of a run down, with some tasters of things to come:

The Burning of Innsmouth

After a year of work I sent the WIP version of my first comic off into the wild. It's been a lot of work and there is plenty more graft to go, but I'm pretty pleased with the results so far. You can check out the website here, join the Facebook page here (which gets almost daily updates and where I post WIPs), and if you're REALLY keen  you can buy the t-shirt (literally) here. Don't forget you can download the 12-page sampler free from the website to get a taste of the action.

Mordheim MMXIX

echoesofimperium has been doing a great job organising this 20th anniversary game in Helsinki. If you get a chance do check out the blog where Alex is posting round-ups of everyone's progress and his own excellent work on the board we'll use for the game.

My weirdo time travellers are now built, based and gradually having paint applied. You can see the grey plastic versions and read more about my crew here. I posted the first painted guy on Instagram earlier this week and he seemed to go down well. Here he is, admirably demonstrating the shape of things to come:

I also have an idea for game aids I'm very excited about. Alas I don't really have anything to show at the moment. But it involves 3D printing, an old concept I did for micro-gaming-kits and this:

If it works out it'll become a whole series of packages maybe tying into my Krawl project. Talking of which...


I was pretty happy with my dungeon crawling manifesto and am enthusiastically prepping and painting fantasy randoms for inclusion. Among these are The Eyes of the Nine - a great warband for Underworlds but also a great pack of dungeon denizens as there is a lot of texture to the group (lots of different critters all of different sizes). I hacked up and converted Vortemis. The others remain largely un-converted (bar new bases). Here's Vortemis MKII:

I want to do more shoots on my extensive collection of floorplans too. So that'll happen when I get a moment.

In related news...

Krawl Space

What do you get if you mix AoS Krawl with 40K? Krawl Space, clearly.

This is the 40K sister project facilitating my 40K randoms. Again, GW's amazing back catalogue of floor tiles will serve as the environments. Tears of Isstvan has kindly loaned me some vintage Tyranid Attack tiles so expect a photoshoot on them soon. It must be a real project... it has a logo!

Lovecraft cutaways

I'm working on a post for this blog I hope to publish very soon. It's about Lovecraft's use of the Deep Time / Deep History horror trope. It's taken a while to prepare because it's accompanied by four quite detailed drawings. Each represents one of the author's most iconic locations. Among them there are the Curwen farmhouse from The Case of Charles Dexter Ward and the eponymous Shunned House. Watch this space, especially if you're a fan of D&D floorplans.

Proper work

The Games Workshop Licensing team has been 'knocking it out of the park' of late. We had the launch of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II which is getting rave reviews. If you prefer turn-based tactical games, Mechanicus did a stunning job of depicting the Ad Mech as they investigate a world that turns out to be anything but dead... The GW Funko Pops! are waiting in the wings and GW Community artist Sarah Kaiser did a great interview talking about her involvement on the project. Coming up we have the action RPG Chaosbane which is getting lots of good press at the moment. If you like pen and paper roleplaying, the exquisite new edition of the classic Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay from Cubicle 7 is for you. Indeed, all GW's physical licensed goods can be seen at the new hub page on the GW website that lists what's available.

What? There's more?

A bit. Some dungeon doodles. These may work themselves into my Krawl/dungeon accessories projects but I'm not sure at the moment.


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