Friday, 28 December 2018

Festive Beastmen

I was inspired by the recent release of the Beasts of Chaos Battletome and painted up a trio of minis too add to my Krawl project collection. Here they are in all their cloven-hoofed glory:

The chap above needs no introduction as he's a fairly common classic Oldhammer sculpt from the late 80s. Giving him a red face and green fur lends him a slight Masters of the Universe vibe which I love. I painted his shield separately and stippled the red onto it using sponges to give it some interesting texture. The hue of his face actually blends up into his horns, which is a nod to the incredible work of Don Hans whose minis I find a constant source of inspiration.

The next little guy is a diminutive Ungor - these lighter troops are used as skirmishers in Beastmen armies. I love the medieval vibe of the Ungor designs. They look like they have stepped out of a Bruegel painting. I ramped up his daemonic footsoldier vibe by painting his flesh red and I was pretty pleased how it turned out. I sprayed him black then zenith sprayed him white, before spraying him red all over. This helps to make the red a bit brighter and forces the shading a little.

The black/green flesh on this guy was a response to the Ungor above - if the Ungor was red, it seemed appropriate to make their larger cousins darker and more ominous. On this guy I really tried to go for a more zenithial style of highlighting (which I'll talk more about in a future post) and it worked OK. I actually developed my technique after I finished him, but he is an early success I feel. I kept the wood of his shield rather neutral deliberately so as not to detract from the brighter hues elsewhere. The lightest feature is his horns, which helps to draw the viewer's eye up to his head.

One last thing to say is that I'm developing a palette for my Krawl miniatures. I mentioned this a while back, but it's inspired by the Bitmap Brothers video games of old, Cadaver in particular. The green-shaded-grey acts as a 'signature colour' and the other tones are varied but with commonality between them (the reds are broadly the same, for example).

Next up, a Lord of the Rings Ranger!


  1. Lovely Tammy! The red and green scheme is ace and suits all the ages of the sculpts. ;)

  2. More excellent work! I love how your use of a similar palette in different ways gives them each a distinct look, while still maintaining some continuity among them. And yeah, that Ungor totally could have stepped out of some medieval illuminated manuscript or something. He also looks a little bit like he's trying to make his arrow go faster by blowing on it ;)

  3. Excellent chaoskin! The red ties them together nicely. Is there a reason for the different bases or did you use the most fitting ones?

  4. Colorful and superb, well done!