Sunday, 30 September 2018


I finished this guy a while ago but decided I didn't like his original base (it was red). Here he is in all his Oldhammer hex-base glory. He's a nice addition to the group of oldskool fantasy randoms I'm amassing.

I have concluded a couple of things:
  1. Yellow is my favourite colour on miniatures. It stands out so well. In China it is the colour of happiness, glory, and wisdom. In my head it's the colour of badassery and victory. Grey and yellow is awesome too. I should really paint Space Wolves.
  2. My miniatures look better on a back gloss background, rather than white. This shot just looks so flat. I'll go dark next time.

The next lot to be finished from my Box of Shame are probably some Night Lords Cultists and a naughty Chaos Spawn, so stay tuned.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Mighty Yellow Fist

Take that, you naughty Orks!

This is the Games Day special miniature from quite a few years ago - a mighty Finecast leader for my Blood Angels. He is a fairly accurate copy of the chap from the John Blanche cover of 2nd ed. 40K. He was hiding in my 'box of shame' - a collection of part-painted miniatures which have languished for one reason or another. I started this guy in early 2017, but I think house moves and whatnot got in the way. Seeing Curis' excellent miniatures collection recently inspired me to Just Do It.

John's painting either went though a revision, or a variant vignette of the figure was produced. The two images below show how the colourway changes (mainly the power fist). I chose to go more with the vignette version but modified it a bit. Sadly I got confused and messed up his personal heraldry. I accidentally inverted the black band and white stripe on his shoulder pad. Doh! Still, a filthy Ork like yourself will probably be concentrating too much on his glorious pose to worry about mismatched heraldry.

One thing I tried on this mini was to shade up to specular points on the backpack nacelles. This kinda worked OK, but in the flesh they're noticeably a bit mis-matched. Just goes to show how talented those crazy kids are in 'Eavy Metal that they ace this difficult technique every time. Below are a couple of WIPs.

Coming soon... An Oldhammer Ninja!

Monday, 10 September 2018

Need a hobby? Try DISCO CHAOS MAGIC!!!

"Fireball! Fireball!"

I love painting random single fantasy minis as a break from the units I paint for my armies. As a result I have a growing collection of Age of Sigmar, Warhammer and even Lord of the Rings randoms. I prepped this guy as part of my aborted Oldhammer-Mordheim warband so he was towards the front of the 'fun queue'. Don't ask what's at the back.

He's one of the Citadel Chaos Sorcerers, probably sculpted by Jes Goodwin. He goes by the moniker of Jezekal Iron Face in the 1991 'Red Catalogue'. I can't help thinking his surname is a bit disappointing after a forename like that. And he's clearly miming to some 70s disco tune. I wish he wouldn't because his disco gloves being in front of his face make him a pain to photograph.

I initially thought about adding sigils or a pattern to his robe. But I was pleased with the highlights on the tiny tears in his dress, so decided to leave it be. These little moth holes are somewhat of a trademark of Jes' sculpts of the era. They add a nice bit of interest to what could be a large, flat area I think.

I'm talking to Operation Asgard at the moment to see if we can get a low-model count fantasy game arranged. It might have some interesting background. And that background might be a bit bonkers.