Saturday, 11 August 2018

Adeptus Titanicus buildings

What could be cooler than giant robots smashing each other's faces in? What's that you say? Them doing this in the midst of a city? And perhaps the loser would even crash into a building, demolishing it as it stumbled to its knees?

To facilitate your desire for unnecessarily cinematic destruction, GW has some excellent plastic buildings to accompany their new Adeptus Titanicus game. These little devils are fully modular and infinitely configurable. I went to town on mine and, as you may be able to spot, even converted a couple with some 40k parts. I also injected a bit of variety into their colourways by using different sprays. These were applied from a zenithal angle to get a bit of shading in, which was further enhanced by careful application of Citadel Shades and Washes. I added flock to give the impression that the city is abandoned and overgrown. Clearly the news of the forthcoming titan-brawl scared the residents off some years ago.

Don't forget; home is where the heart is. Even if your heart is buried in a ruin under the giant metal carcass of a Warlord titan.


  1. Nice work-I do like an overgrown building-GW seems to have done a good job on these.

  2. Nice! I can see three 40K components that I can identify, plus another couple that I think are, but can't place for sure.

    I also like the overgrown abandoned narrative angle. Means no worry about civilian casualties, either when collapsing onto buildings or just when firing Turbo-lasers on the move at targets hiding behind them.

  3. Excellent ! They're extremely tempting. I like the vegetation that adds a bit more depth to it.
    After looking at the old ones at the Foundry with you, Curis and Paul, I had to dig a reaver and 2 warhounds which are at the top of the paint queue now...

  4. Well done! That red one is particularly cool, the usual grey and black of 40k are iconic, but it seems like real cities would have more colors in the mix. I also like the effect of mixing the short buildings with the tall ones, as in the last picture.

    As new buildings they are a bit hard to see the scale of, but the 40k bitz help.

  5. Excellent! I love the added flock.

  6. I'm really liking the overgrowth, and was thinking of doing something similar for my Kill team terrain. Hopefully there's a how-to in the future?

    1. Hey Michael. Not much to the undergrowth - add glue, then dump over flock with the odd bit of clump foliage! TBH I think they'd benefit from a bit more variety in the foliage colour to give it a more naturalistic appearance.