Sunday, 29 April 2018

Night Lords' Atramentar

This is the story of a lonely Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer.

The fellow had been languishing in my bits box for years. I figured he'd work nicely as the first 'proper' miniature for my nascent Night Lords collection. Accordingly I dug him out, converted him a little and 'hey presto!' I had one angry elite to act as a commander.


For those not born on Nostromo, 'Atramentar' is the term the Night Lords use for members of their First Company. They therefore have a big wardrobe full of Terminator armour, and this guy has clearly been rummaging around in that same closet. Thankfully he's out now.

I evolved the painting technique a bit from the tester I had previously done. I wanted to simplify the process slightly as I was going to be rolling it out over a large number of models. I was particularly pleased with the overall colourway mix. I like the way the red really vibrates against the semi-metallic blue, and the bone really pops. I used Forge World pigments on the base, and the ochres contrast nicely against the predominantly cooler model. I bought the Forge World Night Lords decals and added a little highlighting to the reds and bone to just lift it a bit.

Next up: a very ugly Hellbrute.