Monday, 1 January 2018

More boring Blood Angels (and decals)

I've been meaning to post these guys for a while and was holding off until I did another photo session. With a house move looming, I've just packed away my photography kit. With it stowed, I resorted to a quick and dirty shot of these chaps, otherwise it'll be ages before they get any air-time.

They are the second half of my Heresy-era squad, and are, consequently, not the most exciting guys. The notable exception is the Sergeant, who has some rather natty custom decal work going on on his Power Fist. I need to get a better shot of that at some point. While the others sport my custom Heresy-era decals in black, Mr Big Hat required something special, so he got two of the gold Blood Angel decals from the new Dark Millennium boxed set transfer sheet. It was only later I learned the new(ish) Forge World decal sheet has gold Heresy decals. Damn.

Fun fact; the Dark Millennium boxed set transfer sheet was one of the last things I worked on while in the GW studio. I often ended up with a bit of space here and there, particularly on the right of the sheet. I worked with the 'Eavy Metal guys to come up with cool extras that could give customers options and add flavour to the Primaris minis. The Space Wolf runes are an example of these and were great fun to do.


  1. They look good - I'm intrigued to know what's on Big Hat's fist now. Good luck moving house!

    1. Thanks Toby! I'll try to get a shot of that fist.

  2. Sigh, every time I see those beautiful customized blood angels decals (which I can't get a hold of) , I shed tears,tears of envy