Sunday, 12 February 2017

Heavens above! An interview with Makoto Kobayashi

I've mentioned mecha designer Makoto Kobayashi before on this blog but haven't written about him in great detail. His work is utterly stunning and up there with the great Kow Yokoyama. Indeed, there's a lot of commonality between their styles. They both represent the best of that 80s niche vogue for organic mecha and tech design.

I've only just found that Forbes published an excellent interview with Kobayashi last year. It's a wonderful read. Amusingly, it reveals that some of his most iconic work was done under pressure when commercial plans went wrong and he was asked to provide solutions.

Kobayashi is perhaps best known for his anime Dragon's Heaven. With its unique design and live-action title sequence it's remembered fondly. He has also been featured in numerous editions of high-end Japanese modelling magazines, including Hyperweapon. In the interview he describes how many of his models were kitbashes he made when asked to pitch to large anime studios. Alas, these magazines are almost impossible to find in hard copy in the West, and one has to make do with the odd scan that pops up online.

I'll leave you with a small selection of his work.


  1. That Skywhale is a beautiful piece of artwork! <3

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