Sunday, 16 October 2016

Some finished Blood Angels

This is the first of the two combat squads and I'm fairly pleased with it. The airbrush zenith highlights and pin wash have worked quite well to define the forms, and I didn't feel the need to edge highlight the pauldron trim. Annoyingly they are a tad darker than the RTB01s but for the time saved that's probably a worthy sacrifice.

I invested the saved capacity in the heraldry which has turned out pretty well. The blue cheques (a big feature of the Blanche Terminator box art I was referencing) really pop and serve to lift what could have been quite a dark, warm coloured squad. The sunburst arm designs on the greaves and occasional pauldron were actually a lot easier to do than I thought.

I've completed the dreadnaught too and will be posting him over the next day or so. I'm painting the Captain now as a bit of a reward before moving onto the other combat squad.


  1. Amazing. Makes we want to buy Blood Angels!

  2. So good. You've got that Epic 40k cover vibe down brilliantly. Love the bolter heraldry!