Friday, 21 October 2016

Link roundup

Some werid and wonderful stuff from across the internets to keep you occupied this weekend:

[Above] Movie posters by Dan Mumford

The World of Tim Burton - a line of 6″ vinyl crossover figures.

Emily Witt’s “Future Sex” is a report on an experiment with alternative sexuality. 

Journeys in Calligraphy: Inspiring Scripts from Around the World.

Bea Nettles - Mountain Dream Tarot: A Deck of 78 Photographic Cards.

MaKtoberfest brings a parade of LEGO creations inspired by the distinctive near-future aesthetic of Maschinen Krieger sci-fi.

Isadora Duncan, the Biggest Dancer in the World.
The next time you are thinking of handing over $15 to watch yet another film about victims of a haunted house, vampires, or a Ouija board, and who can only be saved by a priest and his magic water, ask yourself why you still find this stuff scary—and what dangerous ideas you are financially endorsing in the pursuit of a good adrenaline rush. 
- DAZED Digital gets on the 70s witch bandwagon with this article, while VICE poses that many horror films are acually Christian propaganda.

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