Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Nine Ladies

Not to be confused with the West Country's Nine Maidens, the Nine Ladies is a smaller formation not far from Dol Tor and the Andle Stone. Much like Dol Tor, the stones are diminutive, with barely a foot or two protruding from the soil out of the flat-ish plain of Stanton Moor. They form a fiarly organised ring, but a tenth stone, discovered in the 1970s, now adds to their number. A King Stone lies outside the circle.

The winds which had buffeted the landscape had subsided by the time we arrived at the Ladies, the last stop on our Megalighic trip. The woods that surround the stones stand at a respsectful distance and give them shelter. The sun had come out by this time, and the clearing was warm and peaceful. The King Stone watches over his ladies as they, in turn, watch whoever stands in their midst. I can't help thinking that, as so many menhirs were erected on high ground, watching was an important part of their duties.

But who watches the watchmen?


  1. Whenever i come across standing stones i do the same thing, close my eyes and do a little hesitant hop into the circle. hahaha, one of these days thats going to land me somewhere very strange.

  2. This is a nice series of posts! I get caught up on the astronomical and astrotheological aspect of megaliths so having this focus on the beauty of them is refreshing.