Sunday, 29 June 2014

Very dirty LEGO

I've been working on this project for years - in fact, over two. That's not to say it took me the full duration, but I rather lost steam along the way and it's been an effort to bring it to fruition.

Having seen one or two examples of painted LEGO amongst the wonderful stuff on the web, I decided to experiment with heavy weathering on a mech. I deliberately chose materials that could be washed off to leave the bricks as-new if I decide to break him up. I think I used chalk and ground pastels for the bulk of it, which (I hope) will clean off easily. The build itself was a great learning experience. I am not experienced at creating from scratch with LEGO and I can tell you it's super-hard to end up with anything that looks remotely coherent!

I stumbled a bit when it came to presentation. I went round the houses on a graphic design scheme, and what you see here is rather a pale expression of the grandeur I had planned. I experimented a lot with Russian criminal tattoo designs, but nothing ended up working in the end. I chose the painting in the end as its hues matched those of the model, and the combination of the image and the text drew the associations I wanted for this mech.

I firmly believe there is no such thing as wasted work though, and I think the tattoo research will be very handy for something I am brooding over right now.


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  2. It has a very 3A look about it that I love. The "spattered rust" effect (if it doesn't have a name, I'm coining one) is tricky to do and requires a lot of back-and-forth layering, which is why I've stuck to more traditional techniques on my own models. What you've done here is excellent, and I think you should give it a go on something larger.

  3. Thanks 2501 - yes, maybe something larger, but alas my LEGO bits box is not that big.

  4. Might be an excuse for a trip to the hobby store for a new model, eh? ;)