Saturday, 5 April 2014

Trolling, girls' bedrooms and bronies

Earlier this week I discovered what looked like a bonkers Kickstarter for a Brony dating sim. It has an weird-as-hell narrator puppet, catchy music, internet-star voice artists and some pretty cool concept at. And it's about dating fictional teenage ponies. Yes, that's right. You. Date. Ponies.

But in this age of anonymous internet hate, weird meta jokes and memes the plot is starting to thicken. I'll be up-front at this point. I have no idea who to believe.

A kind of Ballard-ian/Gibson esque plot seems to be developing where the 'creators' of the proposed project are being trolled. Accusations are flying that the whole project is a sham and part of some nascent internet joke. Videos are emerging of Sam Hyde (who crashed TED and is part of the group Paradigm Shift) coaching voice artists and making scathing remarks about potential backers. He tells the (mainly female) voice artsits (including Molly Soda) to make themselves "look nice" as he doesn't want them to look "like trash, like dirt...try not to be a little pig. I know you probably eat junk food all day. Sitting there. Looking at tumblr, eating Taco Bell. Your room is a pig sty."

Most tellingly he confides, "We're trying to get retards to back a Kickstarter".

So I've just backed it. But for $15 I kind of figure I'll just sit back and watch the show and, even if I do loose my cash, it'll probably be worth it.

From my brief reading, the Brony movement is partly about breaking gender stereotypes and making it OK for guys to be sensitive and caring. This, in my eyes, is a Good Thing. My only hope is that,  if Dark Skyes does turn out to be a hoax, it doesn't poke fun at a group of caring, often young, men who are making their way though this increasingly complex world of ours.

[Edit: So it appears the Kickstarter was pulled a few hours before completion. I think the funds had dropped at the last minute. Maybe we'll never know the truth!]

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