Sunday, 27 April 2014

Link roundup

Disinformation reviews the gritty new video by Control, describing it as "Afro-Gothic intensity".

The creators of the forthcoming game Alien: Isolation discuss design aesthetics and the lo-fi methods they used to get a late 70s vibe to their work.

TRUE SKIN is a VFX piece touting some good old-skool Cyberpunk aesthetics right out of a William Gibson novel.

Krautscape have released images and video footage of their quirky new racing game which is greenlit for Steam.

Awesome Robo has posted about the excellent indie sci-fi short called Prospect. It's a very cool broken-retro-future coming-of-age story which I urge you to watch.

Typeset in the Future has a wonderful piece about the typography of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Silver and Light is an inspiring video about one man's obsession to create massive wet-plate photographs in-situ amidst some of America's most inaccessible wilderness.

Polygon has a good piece on the forthcoming Monument Valley MC Escher-like game (mentioned here previously).

...and to finish this guy is totally amazing!!!

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