Monday, 23 September 2013

Back from the dead: exciting news!!!

The radio silence on this blog has been due to a rather exciting event. I now own a house. Yay! Due to Britain's completely grotesque mess of a housing market it's been a difficult, long-winded process. However, it's now done and dusted and I am ensconced in the new Tears of Envy secret bunker. There's weeks of unpacking ahead, but that's the fun part.

There's going to be a whole new category of posts on this blog about interior design. "Egad! I check your blog for esoteric, gaming and aesthetic ramblings, not bleedin' Laura Ashley advice!" I hear you utter. Fear not - this is going to be interior design ToE style-y. Think Lovecraftian garrets and nitre-encrusted catacombs.

Stay tuned, and stay away from chintz.