Thursday, 9 May 2013

Life drawing

One of the really awesome things about the company I work for is that they put on life drawing sessions for staff. Given we employ professional artists this is a very worthwhile resource. I've been taking advantage of these classes for a couple of months and I think I am making progress.

I have been using a quick pen and watercolour wash technique. The penmanship is quite consciously inspired by Moebius (in his looser form) and Makoto Kobayashi. I use a 0.3 UNI permanent pen, a small Winsor & Newton travel watercolour pack with a larger travel brush or a Pentel Aquash. This all wraps up into quite a small pack which is very portable. The shadow you can see on the left of these scans is because I work in a landscape Moleskine watercolour book.

I spent a while using watercolour pencils, but of late I have forgone them in favour of the more traditional watercolour pans. These give a looser, more 'traditional' result which I prefer.

More to come...


  1. Nice! I really like how the pink suggests that pallid/milky kind of skin. Ever tried it with the brush only? That brush pen offers some pretty sweet control. You could leave the linework for specific/essential details. Whatever works. Kobayashi's weird mecha are cool.

  2. Is that the Irish girl Claire? If so, great likeness obviously! Great drawings either way

  3. I miss life drawing. I used to HATE it at art school and was a disrespectful student which I regret. These are lovely - watch that the outlining doesn't become the whole form use it to suggest weight and body as well.

    Also I saw this today and thought of you looks like that 6 year timer frame (4 now!) is getting closer...

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone! Not sure what you mean about the lines becoming 'the whole form' Minitrol.

    @Phil - not sure if she was Irish but she was the model at the most recent session.