Wednesday, 27 February 2013

OMG - David Bowie AND Tilda Swinton VS Floria Sigismondi

Despite being quite an avid fan of The Bowie I found the video for his recent track, Where Are We Now? a bit lackluster. I therefore didn't pay too much attention when The Stars (Are Out Tonight) was released a few days ago. Oh my! What was I thinking? Not only does the amazing Tilda Swinton play the wife of the suburbanised Man Who Fell to Earth, the video is directed by the utterly mental Floria Sigisondi.

Leaving aside the genius of Ziggy's creator, I haven't seen much by Ms Sigismondi of late so it was thrilling to see her back in fine form. She rose to prominence in the late 90s as a fashion photographer and as the director of several seminal videos for Marilyn Manson. She built on Manson's existing interest in decay, prosthetics and religious iconography and took it to the next level with her trademark high-contrast jittering, vintage-film look. I have a rare copy of her book Redemption showcasing her stills from her shoots alongside her fashion editorial work.

Aesthetically The Stars... begins rater conventionally but Sigismondi's vision runs riot as the suburban reality of Bowie and Swinton crumbles. The alter-egos from Bowie's past begin to creep insidiously into his life as transgendered versions of the singer. Swinton is shawn of her permed locks to take on the more androgynous form she is famous for. Their house becomes a Lynch-ian nightmare of cavorting starlets and raw-roast dinners culminating in the realities inverting.

I can't wait to see what else Bowie is cooking-up (or just leaving raw).

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  1. It is a really inspired video and I certainly look forward to getting my hands on the cd.