Monday, 17 December 2012

Justin Oaksford does Perdido Street Station

Back in 2011 super-talented concept artist Justin Oaksford did a whole batch of designs for China Miéville's seminal Perdido Street Station. Although he admits in his post that his renderings are perhaps not the closest to Miéville's descriptions, I think they're very definitely in the spirit of them. I love his vision of Lin, the insect-headed protagonist. It's a difficult design to render convincingly but Oaksford's tack works very well.


  1. These are great. I especially like his Lin, the Slake Moth and the panorama of New Crobuzon City. Of all Mieville's work, I've only read PSS, and I found his descriptions of things kinda vague. It's nice to see some clear illustrations.

  2. These are excellent! I hope he continues the series. I haven't seen anything else that does MIeville's writing justice.