Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hoplite Association winter Symposium

Last weekend saw the Hoplite Association gather for one of their regular Symposia. These are weekend retreats where we socialise, work on our projects and generally make merry.

Our society reenacts life in and around Ancient Greece in the fifth century BC (known as the "Classical" century). At this time there was no cotton - the Greeks only discovered the plant in the later Hellenistic period. Therefore all clothes would have been linen, wool or possibly silk. Iron was now available and used for weapons but bronze was still used for armour. Because of the restrictions on materials and because there are so few groups focusing on this period, there is little kit available off-the-peg from reenactment traders or craftsmen. We therefore have to make or commission most of what we use. My weekend was spent making a pair of sandals from leather. I am pleased to report this went very well and I'll post about them soon.

I'll leave you with a few of my favorite snaps from the weekend.

Our mascot is Fraser the Hoplite bunny- also known as "Lunch"

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