Thursday, 22 November 2012


A friend was telling me about ARTEMIS, a LAN game simulating starship combat. A group of comrades gather and connect to a LAN. Each takes the helm at a particular station (weapons, engines, science etc) while one acts as the captain. They have to cooperate in order to complete the mission at hand. Of course, this is all blatantly ripped from Star Trek but that doesn't stop the fun.

What's more fun for the rest of us are the videos that are emerging on YouTube of the "crews" playing the game.

Rainbow-vomiting-Polar-Bear (not his real name) made the astute point that it may not be long before we see licensed versions of the game using things like the Battlestar Galactica intellectual property.

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  1. Hehe. well. There's a LARP in Sweden soonish which is based on BSG and they have a few programmers on board to build the simulated enviroment needed to have the crew answer to realistical battles etc in the setting ;) the LARP's name is "The monitor celestra"