Tuesday, 6 November 2012

2012 deathshead

Last week I rocked-up to a Staff gaming night in full deathshead regalia. I was chuffed to be deemed to have the best costume (well, in truth I was the only one in costume). I was duly awarded The Spirit of Halloween award. This was nice, because I proceeded to loose two and draw one game of 40K. Ah well...

This latest iteration of my deathshead look was executed (sorry) using black oil-based face paint and eye liner. There is no white. Key to the process is having wet-wipes, moisturiser and earbuds at hand to correct little mistakes and 'rub out' those small areas which have to remain light in otherwise dark areas (like the teeth).

At about 10:30pm I drove a friend home and then went to the supermarket. The staff were remarkably good about the whole thing.

Thanks to Supreme Photographer Glenn Moore for this awesome snap.


  1. It really does look great. Have you considered doing only the highlights with white, treating your skin as if it were a mid-toned paper...could look pretty cool.

  2. Whoa, gorgeous work! Best one so far.

  3. Hey Jason - yes, I did that a couple of times in the past. I do kind of like the way this version is just black though.

    Thanks for your support guys!

  4. Chilling to the bone. Looks amazing.