Friday, 30 December 2011

Tessa Farmer at Viktor Wynd's Little Shop of Horrors

Viktor Wynd is a man of many talents - he runs very successful parties, a salon hosting talks on esoteric subjects and, most notably a veritable kuntskammer of a shop. His Little Shop of Horrors sells everything weird and wonderful from real human skulls to pictures painted by Britain's most notorious prisoner, Charles Bronson. This astounding collection happens to be just around the corner from me and I took a trip there just before Christmas to see the latest exhibit.

Tessa Farmer rose to prominence on the UK fine art scene a couple of years ago. She is most famous for her microscopic sculptures featuring tiny skeletons (often alongside insects - which just goes to show how small they are). She had installed a piece, titled The Coming of the Fairies, in TLSoH which is a veritable riot of talent. A long glass case (see the bottom photo) hosted an aerial battle between insects piloted by her trademark tiny cadavers. Suspended from nylon, the creatures career about the space and skirmish over a floating battlefield of detritus. There is something epic and heroic about the tiny warriors. The effect is quite dizzying and takes on a magnitude far greater than its real-life scale.

For a better set of photos, check out this guys blog.


  1. We're doing a live taxidermy demo for the Last Tuesday Society next year, funnily enough.

    I really like some of Tessa Farmer's stuff, too - I should go and have a look at this.

  2. Cool - let me know the details of your show!


  3. Will do. And a happy new year to you for tomorrow.

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