Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Pentel Aquash brush

OMG! I have just discovered these awesome sketching tools via the amazing Parka Blogs. The Pentel Aquash brush is a really simple idea - sketchers need water for their brushes while on the move. Instead of them having to carry pots of liquid, why not just build a brush with a reservoir in the handle? Boom!

I have just received a set of three (s, m & l) through the post and tested the biggest. I have to say it seems to work pretty well. The water is drawn into a clear nylon brush tip. Clearly this arrangement is never going to be as accurate as a sable brush, but it seems to do a good enough job. I have just tried it in combination with my water colour pencils and new Moleskine watercolour sketch book and the combo works a treat!

The things are fairly cheap - one will cost about £4, while a pack of three with the various sized brushes set me back about £10. Their build quality isn't great, but I guess at that price they are disposable items anyway. I am mildly worried about how leak-proof the things are, so I'll be keeping mine separate from anything I don't want to get soggy until it proves itself trustworthy. There seem to be more robust versions made by other companies out there, but the Pentel version will do me for the time being.


  1. Brilliant, I picked one up at the new Hobbycraft, it is an ingenious idea - the first time I used it a big blob of water leaked out, but after that seemed fine - mine can't open though, so I'm guessing you have to use the water up fairly regularly to keep it clean.

  2. Not a bad idea. I'll have to pick up a set.

  3. Great find....I'm definately going to give that a go!

  4. Dear Tears of Envy,

    Can you use the Aquabrush with acrylics?

    Paul Hess

  5. @Paul - yes, in theory it can. However, when acrylics dry they form a very durable plastic material (which is usually a benefit). If they are allowed to dry on a brush they tend to clog it and, once this has happened the damage cannot be repaired. In theory, as the Aquash brush remains wet acrylics should never dry, but I think in practical terms they might, and so ruin the brush.