Wednesday, 28 December 2011

New work: Graphics test

And now for something completely different. I have been messing about with the 'sketch and toon' module in Cinema 4D and knocked up this little test. It's heavily influenced by the amazing Kilian Eng and the sources he draws upon (70s sci-fi animations, early video games and M├ętal Hurlant).

I am tempted to take this further as I have all sorts of ideas for a comic strip... Ah, if only I had more time.


  1. Nice work Tears, both colour and comp. but where is the sound ;-) love metal hurlant and all that 70s scifi , its quite moebius too except the blue and reds are not the same.

  2. ah jolly old tempus - one has to prioritise - like im never going to learn to spell - aim at ones strengths - id love to be a shoe designer and the number of comic strips ive seen in mi head yet alone the armies i want to paint - but it aint going to happen .....