Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Death's head makeup Mk IV

Last weekend I decided to annoy everyone by going to The Chap’s end of year ball as The Ghost of Christmas Past, replete with shroud, chains, candelabra, bell and SKULL FACE!!! Regular readers will know I have a passion for Death’s Head makeup (and if you click on the tag at the foot of this post you can see previous incarnations). On this occasion I wanted to eschew my regular Mexican-style makeup and instead try something akin to Zombieboy and this guy. So, I gathered my facepaints and set to work.

The first stage was to sketch the design using a kohl eyeliner pencil. I then ringed the edges of the dark areas with liquid water-based facepaint using a brush. I filled in the eye sockets, nose and cheek hollows using oil-based cake makeup, which gives a wonderfully even coverage (much better than water-based stuff, but less accurate). I added details with the kohl pencil, which allowed me to achieve a sketch-like quality. The final touch was to erase any mistakes and clean up the teeth with an earbud (or ‘cuetip’ of you’re American) with moisturiser. Unlike previous attempts, I didn’t use any white facepaint – just the blacks I list here.

I was extremely pleased with the result, and was also pretty astounded that it lasted the whole night intact. However, the reactions I had from my fellow partygoers were more polarised this time. My friend Andrea greeted me with a concerned gaze and simply said “You look awful”. The party was full of folk of both sexes who had evidently spent a lot of time (and money) on their outfits and really didn’t appreciate my cocking-a-snook at their party. I did get some kindly comments, but these were in the minority. I was again reminded that I was railing against notions of feminine beauty and, as such, was regarded as a freak to be avoided. I think this says a lot about me. But it possibly says more about society.

Food for thought.


  1. But they were okay with Atters showing up as a Dalek? I don't know whether to call that robo-favoritism or spectral bigotry..

  2. Amazing work. As for the other partygoers, I hope you didn't take any of it to heart. Frankly it's nice to see some hard work going into a costume rather than throwing cash at the problem...