Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas at chez Tears of Envy

I dislike the idea of buying Christmas decorations and prefer to make my own. Regular readers may recall my efforts last year. This season I brought the spirit into my flat with a little vignette involving some branches, various bits of jewellery and the candelabra I bought for my Ghost of Christmas Past outfit.

I put the piece together without much conscious thought. In retrospect I would like to imagine it embodies the transition from the nature-worship of native British culture to Christianity. The branches are representative of the outside world and elemental forces creeping into my flat. I love the way the candle light plays off the reflective surfaces, and in particular the gold thread of the ecclesiastical charm.

I like to theme my Christmases and indulge in whatever culture or period I have chosen during the festive break. Previous years have seen me explore Vikings and Paganism in this way. This year I think it'll be the Crusades.



  1. This looks great. Lately I've become a bit humbug about Christmas, due to the associated rampant consumerism. But this is really nice. Love that icon too!

  2. I agree , the photography is spot on too.