Monday, 8 August 2011

New work: Sedition Wars; Strain logo

Continuing with the Battle for Alabaster week I am proud to show you the logo for the new Strain faction. Mike at Studio McVey describes the Strain as an infectious organism which re-purposes both cellular and non-organic material to evolve into a more useful and deadly form:

Originally a benign nano-tech system – the Strain were created when the systems technology was merged with an ancient alien bio-organic artifact. Now it is a terrible life-form without mercy. A force of un-nature bent on mankind’s eradication.

Relying on a distributed self-governing network of creatures called exoforms, the strain preys on organic and technological systems. The sentient collective mind of the strain has become one of humanities greatest enemies. Using its grotesque exoform organisms and nano-infection as its vectors, the Strain is intent on contaminating all of human civilization and absorbing it into the Strain Construct.

The foundation of the Strain is the intelligent spore-like vector that creates them. This nano-spore can reanimate the dead, turn living hosts into new strain “constructs”, and also act as a deadly vector for infection. Without this nano-spore, the strain are crippled, unable to expand, and unable to convert the living or the dead into more Strain.

Mike wanted the Strain logo to evoke ideas of cellular activity, nexuses and DNA while not being overly organic. It actually went through several phases of development before being rendered the first time. When we both looked at the render we realised it looked a bit too reminiscent of another well-known logo, so we had to go through another couple of rounds of revision before we settled on the one you see here.

In BfA the Strain are the main enemy and have infested a basement which Vanguard troops must defend. I'll be posting the stat cards used in the game and the beta board I did over the next few days.