Friday, 12 August 2011

New work: Sedition Wars; Battle for Alabaster cards

In this last post on the new Battle for Alabaster game from Studio McVey I want to show you the stat cards I produced. Each model or troop type has its own card carrying details of how the character functions in the game. I wanted to make these cards look like passports or ID cards, so I was keen to include things like holograms, passport photos and the QR code. I also included feint purple overlays in the vein of those dot-matrix printed stencils one finds on produce these days.

Following from the 80s theme that emerged for the game board, I was really keen to add some retro touches to the cards as well. I think the use of the LCD screen was really successful, and the stat grid is based on vintage calculator buttons. The quote field at the bottom is modelled on the design of the face of an 80s Casio watch.

The astute amongst you will notice that these cards are generic and unfinished. Mike from Studio McVey asked for template files he could tailor as he needed.

That's all of my work for Battle for Alabaster for the moment, but following the highly successful reception it received at GenCon, Mike has big ideas for the game so you will no doubt be seeing more developments in the months to come.