Wednesday, 10 August 2011

New work: Sedition Wars; Battle for Alabaster board

Continuing with the Battle for Alabaster week I am proud to show you the board I created for the beta rules.

This is rather a departure for me in terms of style as a result of the constraints on the job. Mike from Studio McVey wanted a board which could be printed onto a large poster (the thing is three feet long). Using bitmap artwork for such a large print would have entailed many problems, so we opted to use vectors instead. Following from this we scoped the idea of the board being less photo-realistic and more of a schematic (akin, in particular, to the blueprints we see briefly in the film Aliens). Clearly TRON: Legacy was also an inspiration, but I enjoyed working elements from vintage computer games and 80s 3D artwork into the piece too.

Mike has been dishing out copies of this floorplan at GenCon so those of you who made it there might have been lucky enough to nab a copy. I look forward to showing you the character cards next, which were similarly 80s-inspired.

In the words of Hudson, "Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen - found em!"