Saturday, 6 August 2011

New work: Sedition Wars; Battle for Alabaster week

Gen Con 2011 sees the launch of Studio McVey's beta version of their new game: Battle for Alabaster. BfA is set in their Sedition Wars universe and is a tile-based skirmish game. I have been working with Mike from the Studio to produce this title, and at this very moment he is demo-ing it to excited fans at Gen Con.

Throughout this week I'll be posting the work I've done on the project, so stay tuned.

I leave you with a still from this YouTube video where Mike gives and interview about BfA and you get a sneaky shot of the beta board I have produced for the game.

Edit: If you look there's a random line of text at the foot of the screengrab above that, at first glance, looks pretty offensive. It's actually an attempt at humor by the person who posted the video, but the magic of the written word clouds his intended irony somewhat. Go the internet!