Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Cookie-cutter monster movies

A quick post to say I have just read an interesting article on today's online edition of The Guardian debating the state of creature design in modern movies.

I know lots of you readers are quite well versed in this arena, many of you having done creature design as a job in one form or another.



  1. I love the invisible monster in this, quite Lovecraftian. I don't think things are any different than they used to be. In any era there'll be a majority of films with derative or boring designs and ideas, it's only the good ones we recall in hindsight. Fashions come and go. I'm surprised there aren't more 'concept art-style' monsters in films at the moment.

  2. By the way, your comments posting cuts off the captcha and buttons at the bottom, it's very tricky to comment (I needed to stab the tab button a few times randomly to submit my comment).

  3. To me this kind of fits in with what I mentioned in the earlier post on Ian Miller and modern illustration. Whereas we used to 'fill in the gaps' with our imagination when the technology wasn't there for filmakers (or the slick technique/Photoshop/3D program for illustrators), now everything is shown.

    And the bottom line is, there's no more interesting place than our own imaginations. Also, with a myriad personal interpretations of a 'monster', it becomes something more than a design, it becomes a symbol (hold on, now I'm sounding like Liam Neeson in Batman Begins).

    Anyway, you get my drift - it's early here in Sydney and I'm not expressing myself well!

  4. I agree with all the points raised. I also think that the Hollywood Machine is also responsible for generic-film-monster design - movies are so high-risk financially that they often take the safe path when designing any bit of them.

    RE the Catatcha - yes, sorry. I need to look at the code for this blog but have been so busy with freelance over the past six months it never gets done!

  5. i agree withe the article - this movie clip is in mi mind just frustrating as i always want to see the monster and theres much to much crap around - giger has got into mi brain and weta really do it for me - LOTR and KING KONG were stunning in their monster/creature design and all of it ,and this is the key for me, is based on real creatures so therefore its very convincing - the trolls,wargs and bats for kong excite me a great deal - min own mantra is big teeth, limbs in unfamiliar positions, and multiple eyes - energy in creative construction - an alternative evolution - then the real killer is what is essentially a degraded human - nurgii, prosthetics, and servo mechdendrytes abounding - in fact all the agents of entropy .....