Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Adventures in Nottingham

One of the highlights of this summer was my trip to Derbyshire, not least of which was because on the way I stopped in Nottingham. I took the opportunity to hook-up with some friends and colleagues and managed to stop at both the GW and Mantic HQs as well.

I had first visited Lenton, where the GW office is based, in early 2005 and it was nice to see the old place again. While there I met up with the nefarious John Blanche and ex-White-Dwarf-editor-turned-games-designer-extraordinaire Jake Thornton. After a drink in Bugman's Jake and I browsed the Warhammer World museum and we gazed, rosy-tinted, at the wonderful bits of GW history on display.

Just to prove we were neutral (or, perhaps because we were spies) we then went to Mantic HQ to meet with Ronnie. We got some exciting sneak peeks at the new Warpath minis. Alas I am sworn to silence over these but all I can say is that they are stunning and you'll love them.

There's much in the Tears of Envy studio pipeline so please stay tuned for WIPs and new work over the coming weeks.

My drinking companions that afternoon. Tears of Envy wears: Standard-issue Imperial aquila, post-war German raindrop pattern rucksack and a mischievous grin. Jake Thornton, games designer, wears: D6+3 charisma and +4 strength. John Blanche, heretic and apocalyptic visionary wears: dust from the ground bones of the sinners who died in the virus-bombing of Istvaan III and he carries a necro-chronometer which he is using to calculate the time of death of his cyber mastiff.