Saturday, 23 April 2011

Paddington station

I have been through this station a lot in the past couple of weeks (on a secret mission I may or may not tell you about). I got some nice snaps of the wonderful ironwork.

From the Wiki:

The earliest extant reference to Padington, historically a part of Middlesex, was made in 1056.

By 1773, a contemporary historian determined that "London may now be said to include two cities, one borough and forty six antient villages", Paddington and adjoining Marybone (Marylebone) being named as two of those villages.

Roman roads formed the parish's north-eastern and southern boundaries from Marble Arch: Watling Street (later Edgware Road) and the Uxbridge road, known in the 1860s as Bayswater Road. They were toll roads in the 18th century, before and after the dismantling of the permanent Tyburn gallows "tree" at their junction in 1759. By 1800, the area was also traversed by the Harrow Road and an arm of the Grand Union Canal.