Friday, 1 April 2011

Jakob Nielsen's Crystal Brush 2011 entry

My good friend Jakob is no small talent in the miniature painting world. He has worked at the Games Workshop studio as an 'Eavy Metal painter, has won numerous Golden Demon awards and holds two Slayer Swords. He is justifiably entering the first Crystal Brush competition this weekend at AdeptiCon this weekend.

Jakob has come up with a delightfully unusual entry which you can see below. His Duchess Death is a converted John Blanche Miniatures Femme Militant. She sits atop a free-rolling ball, which is weighted so, like a Weeble, it always returns to the correct position. Jakob has kindly been sending me WIP shots of his creation over the past few months, and my jaw has hit the floor time after time as I have seen this little beastie come together. Just look at the angles on her - from numerous directions the limbs form pleasing ninety-degree juxtapositions. The red of her bodice pops against the subtle bone and grey hues of the horse body, while the tones return to a warm hue in the eye-catching-but-not-distracting base. All this is set off by the black ball, which is pleasingly proportioned in its ratio of gloss black-to-earth-to-miniature.

Part of the (controversial) Crystal Brush judging system involves public votes over the net, so click on through tot the site and log your support for Jakob! You can see more of his stunning, seminal work on his own site here.

Also check out my friend Steve's equally effusive (and more expansive) post on Jakob's entry on his blog here.