Friday, 15 April 2011

Hail to the King!

Late last week I popped down to the excellent Resistance Gallery in London's Bethnal Green to see the show Hail to the King; a Jack Kirby Tribtute Show. I can't do better than Res Gal's head of clandestine operations, Shiro Yoshida, in describing the gig, so here are his words:

"Jack Kirby is the legendary icon responsible for bringing to life, the modern day superhero.

His work from the 40's through to his death in the early 90's, didn't just help shape the way in which comic art is seen today, but practically changed the whole world with his dynamic visionary style.

This show is our tribute to the king with several incredible internationally renowned artists showing how the king Kirby influenced their lives!"

My snaps are below from what was an engaging and inspirational evening with some colourful folk.

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