Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Fire in the hole!!!

Recently I went back to my home county to visit my little sister and we took a trip out to Panshanger with the aim of going for a quiet walk in the spring sunshine. I was excited to discover there is an old, derelict WWII bunker there and made my sister traipse about in the mud until we found it. Here is the description from this website:

[Panshanger] Started life in WWII as a "decoy aerodrome" with a hangers and facilities made by film set experts, complete with dummy aircraft, cars, smoking chimneys and deliberate 'black out leaks'. Those measures were aimed at diverting German bombers away from Hatfield with its large aircraft factory and other nearby industries. It was so successful, that many of our own pilots landed at Panshanger by mistake! In the early forties RAF Elementary Flight Training School was based in Panshanger and real buildings began to replace the canvas and scaffolding dummies. 

I got some nice snaps on that balmy morning, but I would love to go there at night when the undead servicemen, who no doubt use the bunker as their lair, were on the prowl.

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  1. Lovely pics!

    I imagine those spectral servicemen and their tattered ghostly aircraft would make for a quite sight...