Tuesday, 1 March 2011

London Hackspace

In the film Demon Seed a computerised house named Proteus incarcerates hapless resident resident Julie Christie. It toys with her a bit and then things get nasty in an unpleasant computer-rape way. This is, of course, an unlikely scenario in the real world unless you strayed into a computer-controlled building, which is basically what the London Hackspace is.

Located in London's fashionable Shoreditch area the Hackspace is a community funded and run project to provide lab and shop space for all kinds of crazy projects to members. It's stuffed with workshop tools, IT kit, laser cutters, cupcake 3D printers, genetic sampling terminals (no, really) and lots and lots of cables. They were running an introductory afternoon for prospective new members so my pal Tomki and I went along to have a look.

We were pretty impressed by the space and facilities and I am eager to give the laser cutting machine a go. Tomki was itching to get some woodworking projects underway. It's clearly the abode of a tightly-knit group of techies and serves as a home-away-from home (they have a fully stocked kitchen!)  There is a computer controlled door mechanism which talks to visitors, so I might let people know where I am going lest the system gets frisky.

You can find out more about the Hackspace here.

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