Saturday, 15 January 2011

White Mischief at the Barbican

White Mischief, the UK's foremost Steampunk club extravaganza, put on a show at London's prestigious Barbican art gallery on Thursday and I was there to support them. I feel rather proud to have had some hand in setting this party up, as a friend of mine works at the Barbican and had asked me if I knew anyone in the Steampunk fraternity who ran parties as she wanted to profile the subculture as part of a wider "Fashion looks Back" event. Thus I put her in touch White Mischief.

We were greeted on arrival by many familiar faces, including Herr Doktor and The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing. It transpired that our little party was being sledgehammered (and I use the term endearingly) into an exhibition on contemporary Japanese fashion. Apparently there was a talk that explained the link between the two, which I missed. Everyone who had listened to this speech assured me there was a connection between the sleek, modern oriental garments and the corsets and rayguns of the retro-futureverse, so I will believe them.

There were costume making workshops run by Carnival Catalyst, performances by TMWWNBBFN, micro-displays of Makers' artifacts all of which resulted in a wonderfully diverse and entertaining evening.

Andrew O'Neill - occult comedian and Steampunk enthusiast. Check out his site here.

Steampunks - always outnumbered, never outgunned

Cassie uses a spoon to activate this man's sound generating costume. You don't have to use a spoon, she just had one to hand...for reasons best known to herself.

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  1. The more I see of other people's cool steampunk gear, the more I want to branch out and create some. Exactly what kind of sound did that man's costume make?

    Love the blue hair. ;)

  2. Hey #2501 - the costume made various sounds depending on where you touched it with a metal object. The guy performs with his partner and they do an awesome fight sequence where the sound effects are generated when one touches the other. You should make some Steampunk gear - use some the aesthetics of your Tyracons - they are super!