Sunday, 16 January 2011

Genestealer Cult battle report

"You see", said my friend Dakari Mane with a grin on his face, "my Sisters of Battle can combine both hand flamer shots and use the normal flamer template".
"But that template covers my whole squad!" I exclaimed.
"I know"

Things were not going well for me and my little Genestealer Cult at this point. Their plans to infest the local system and pave the way for their big brothers to arrive were being hampered by some pesky Sisters of Battle.

My pal Dakari is a seasoned 40K tournament player and he was kindly offering to purge my unclean little 'Stealers one Saturday afternoon.This was the first outing for my Cult and I must say I was enjoying it very much. Dakari knows the rules backwards and as a result we didn't have to refer to the weighty 40K core book once. His familiarity with the system didn't help him though, as my Cult ripped through his right flank, mainly thanks to some awesome psychics from my Magus.

I am pleased to say I won the game decisively, despite one of my ugly critters going haywire and accidentally killing my Brood Lord. I was using the fan-made Bell of Lost Souls army list and it seemed pretty evenly balanced. I hadn't played 40k for a long time, but although my memory of the rules was rusty the tactics I remember (don't bunch your force up, concentrate fire from different directions all one one enemy unit etc) all proved valid.

Pics below. I have another battle report up my sleeve featuring my lilly-livered Lamenters.

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