Tuesday, 28 December 2010

You lot

I have just returned from my Christmas Holidays to find that Blogger has added a wonderful Stats tool. This has told me some interesting things, viz:
- most of my readers are in the good ol' US of A
- weirdly my most popular post is the one about Conrad Veidt due to Google linkage
- although there are a stalwart cabal of 22 of you out there who follow me, I have had a hefty 20,000 hits on this blog since it was created about a year ago

I also discovered by tangential links that my Death Card business cards were nominated as being amongst the top 60 business cards of 2010. Click here to see the list. Yay!

I have added a funky "most popular posts" thing on the right too. I have some awesome posts up my sleeve for the coming weeks, including a mini battle report charting the exploits of my Genestealer Cult and the psychogeography of East London. I leave you with a little WIP shot of something I am working on at present.

Enjoy the dying days of 2010 and see you in 2011.

Bam! Bam!


  1. I found this blog by way of your fantastic portfolio site ages ago, and the eclectic mix of art, design, culture, and general weirdness never ceases to inspire and delight. Glad to have you around, and looking forward to more of your insights and adventures to come. ;)

  2. Aw - glad you like it #2501. I sometimes worry that the blog is too unfocused so it's nice to hear that the variety is appreciated. Loving your blog too - your conversions are always inspiring and innovative and many of the hits to my blog are from yours.

  3. I think it's wonderful that your blog is rather hard to categorise. You're prolific enough to have made your blog nice and eclectic (rather like Frasier's flat). The stats thing is awesome and it's one of the things that made me happier about setting up my new blog today. I always hated not knowing if anyone was even reading my old one...

    Nice skull by the way :)

  4. Thanks for the hint about Stats on Blogger. Looks really nice, and a worthy alternative to Google Analytics. I've really enjoyed following your blog this year. All the very best for 2011, and good luck with your new projects.

  5. Hi Sidney - glad you like the blog and I have enjoyed yours too. I see you hail from St Albans. I went to school there. Is the Abbey still standing?