Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Dread - or how to get yourself shot

The other week I was tied to a radiator, attacked by men in robes and then shot in the leg. These things happened as a result of a stack of Jenga blocks. Let me explain...

Dread is a role playing game with no dice. It is a character-driven set of rules designed for players to tell rather gloomy, gothic stories. It forgoes the traditional mechanic of rolling dice and replaces it with the need to pull blocks from a Jenga tower. Making sense now? Good, keep up.

My pal JMC ran an awesome short Dread adventure for us and we all loved it. He locked us in a museum, hunted us with acolytes in robes, filled a room with sheep ready for sacrifice and ultimately shot my character in the leg. The pulling of bricks from the Jenga tower is easy at first, but becomes excruciating as the game progressed and the tower is destabilized. It therefore does a wonderful job of building tension amongst players.

I would highly recommend Dread to gamers interested in story-telling and character-driven RPGs. The website for the system is here and I found out about it from this excellent review by The Hopeless Gamer.

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  1. Only you could make a Jenga tower look so... unsettling. ;)