Monday, 29 November 2010

New work from John Blanche #3

John has kindly sent through some more images. I was quite astounded when I saw these as they mark a significant departure in terms of composition. These close-cropped and intimate portraits bring the viewer much nearer to the subjects. The delicate treatment of the girl's skin in the first is at odds with the brutal spike jutting from her jaw. The maxillofacial steel is reinforced by the metal spires that rise behind her. We feel rather sorry for this beautiful creature who gazes wistfully across her dystopian world.

We feel less pathos for the woman in the second, who stares coyly back at us. She is a Mother Ship in the literal sense, with her fleet of tiny drones circling about her, perhaps docking via the red-raw maw in her shoulder. These sulphurous, buzzing little passengers reinforce the feeling of decay that surrounds the Magna Mater who proudly bears her cracked spines and charred stubble.

I will unleash another image later this week.

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  1. Wow, John is really exploring outside his normal (or at least of recent years) style. Great to see. I love John's GW work but I'd felt it a shame that for so long it's really all we got to see from him. Love these two. The first just feels like a total departure in presentation and the second... well... creeps me out and that's a rarity for me. It's unnerving.


  2. Very cool!! I like this alot! Awesome that you get to peek at his (and other GW) stuff. :)