Monday, 11 October 2010

New work: Death card business cards

If you're a super-cool mob assassin in the 30s, how do you let your victim's cronies know it was you who wasted their boss? In the absence of a spare horse head, you might leave a death card.

The mobsters of the 30s and 40s were dubbed "Murder Inc." by the press and there are documented cases of assassins leaving an Ace of Spades card on victims' bodies. More recently, death cards were a (possibly mythical) tool used by PSYOP division of the US Army during the Vietnam war (and featured briefly in the movie Apocalypse Now).

My business card was in need of a refresh and, having looked at the awesome for inspiration I concluded it would be good to make mine like a playing card. This would provide a link to the industry in which I work. I then remembered about death cards and read this rather detailed account of them. A few hours of design work later and a call to a printer and I had a pack of 52 death cards with my details on the back. Admittedly they are slightly gruesome, but they do tick the number-one box on the business card list which is being memorable.

My colleague JMC (LiveJournal here) kindly posed for me one afternoon at work for the shots you see below. The blood was a mixture of food colouring and glycerin syrup. This didn't wash off very well and he spent the afternoon with colleagues saying, "You've got red on you". Thanks JMC!

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