Wednesday, 8 September 2010

On my desk

Ever since I discovered miniatures in the late 80s they fascinated me. They are a microscopic fractal of other worlds to be collected and configured in a myriad of ways. Their small size means they can be controlled, but this also poses an enormous challenge when it comes to painting them. The choices you make when picking their livery means that they are also deeply personal (and why, perhaps, pre-paints exert less of a pull on me).

I decided recently to make more of an effort to get back into miniature painting. I had not done it for a while because I was spending so much time doing freelance design. And suffering from analysis paralysis. Now that my giant personal project is in the playtest phase, I have decided not to be so precious about these microscopic marvels and have got stuck in.

The little bunnies below are Rogue Trader-era Eldar. I have amassed a stack from ebay and various other sales. I chose a very old colour scheme which happened to suit how I want to develop the army. I'll blog more about the little fellows soon.

I have taken to listening to audiobooks while painting and am enjoying Conn Iggulden's rip roaring (and more than slightly fanciful) Gates of Rome.

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  1. Good to see you're picking up the miniatures hobby again. Sometimes it's better to not think about things so much an just jump in (and, of course, it's a matter of making the time).

    Looking forward to seeing how they come out!

  2. Join ussssss ...!!

    My best time for painting is early evening, with my girlfriend reading old ghost stories to me while I paint. Miniature painting and listening to a story at the same time just seems to work.