Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Everyone hates it when they discover they've backed a loser, be it a football team, a politician or a social movement. The results tend to be; losing money, face or time or just getting pretty annoyed. If you're a Space Marine and you pick the wrong side, you're in for a hundred year crusade.

This is exactly what happened to the poor Lamenters. They bet on the wrong pony in the Badab War and got their arses kicked by the Minotaurs. It is their rather chequered history (and chequered shoulder pads) that drew me to them. Below you can see my little skirmish force in all its glory.

I tend to ruminate a lot before amassing a force this big, as I am not a particularly fast mini painter. I wanted to do some Marines but was unsure of their chapter. I knew I didn't want to create my own, wanted them to be "old skool" and brightly coloured*. These crusading little puppies won out and I am pretty pleased with the results. In case you're wondering, the robot thing is a dreadnought from the old Space Crusade Milton Bradley/Games Workshop collaboration.

*As much as I love the current trend for realism in mini painting, I think it has a tendency to leave the models overly dark. When you stand more than four feet away, they turn into little grey beetles. Painting them bright colours avoids this, and, for me, adds to their jewel-like quality.

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  1. I love the way you paint your figures. I painted a few Lamenters myself many moons ago.

  2. Thanks Peter and Steve! I hope to post more mini-related stuff soon.

  3. Finally, someone who kept their old Space Crusade minis intact, and the dreadnaught model, no less!

    I sympathize with the "little grey beetles" comment, which is why I tend to leave the dirtying-up to a minimum for that "fresh out of the factory" look, where I can. I'd like to think the Marines have enough espirit-de-corps to keep their equipment clean.